Opening plenary

Camilo Perez-Bustillo & Ilka Vega | Hope Border Institute

Transnational Dimensions of Transitional Justice for Migrants in the U.S-Mexico Border Region

Session I: Kidnapping, Detention & Migration Flows

Caitlyn Yates & Stephanie Leutert | IBI Consultants & the Strauss Center for International Security and Law

Migrant Kidnapping in Mexico: Regional Differences


Gabriella Sanchez | European University Institute

Intersectional Approaches in Kidnapping Scholarship



Session II: Kidnapping Dynamics in the US-Mexico Borderlands

Jeremy Slack | The University of Texas at El Paso

Beyond the Ransom Narrative: Migrant and Deportee Kidnapping in Mexico


Conor O’Reilly & Camilo Tamayo Gomez | University of Leeds

Intimacy Interrupted: Kidnapping and Kidnap-Prevention in the US-Mexico Borderlands

Zulia Yanzadig Orozco Reynoso | Justice in Mexico

Real Estate & Kidnapping in Tijuana, Mexico


Session III: Gender Perspectives on Crimes of (Im)mobility and Absence

Arely Cruz-Santiago | Durham University

The Untold Journeys of Citizen-Led Forensics in Mexico


Cynthia Werner | Texas A&M University

How Does Bride Kidnapping Inform Broader Studies of Kidnapping? The Case of Bride Kidnapping in Eurasia



Opening plenary

Carlos Spector | Spector Law Firm

Legal Impediments to Extortion/Kidnapping-Based Asylum Claims


Session IV: Political Kidnapping, Civil Society and Social Justice

Temitope Oriola | University of Alberta

Kidnapping and Oil Politics: The Case of Nigeria


Camilo Tamayo Gomez | University of Leeds

From Resilience to Memory: Understanding Kidnapping in Colombia from a Civil Society Perspective


Carlos Spector & Samuel Schmidt| Spector Law Firm & UT Austin

Authorized Crime, Kidnapping, Extortion and the State in Mexico



Session V: Kidnapping, (Im)mobility and Frontier Spaces

Gustavo Duncan | EAFIT University

Controlling people, Controlling Crime: The Case of Medellín (1970 - 2019)

David Shirk & Zulia Yanzadig Orozco Reynoso | University of San Diego & Justice in Mexico

Kidnapping in the San Diego-Tijuana Region


Emiliano Ignacio Díaz Carnero | El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Violencias, Diálogo y Construcción de Condiciones de Paz



Session VI: Mapping, Crime-Apping and Kidnapping

Ernesto Schwartz-Marin | University of Exeter

Hydraulic Democracy: From the Uros in Titicaca to Crime-Apping ‘Secuestro’ in Mexico


Georgina Jiménez & Carolina Torreblanca | Data Cívica

Is There a Kidnapping Epidemic in Mexico City’s Subway?